About Us

NUHA, is inspired by confident, strong, and resilient women. The muse behind the entire brand is a woman very close to my heart, my mother, Nuha. She fuels me to continue following my passion. A passion, which was nurtured by my father, and mentor Fouzul Hameed. He showed me the ropes for establishing a strong, and ethical company. Without his wisdom I wouldn’t have been able to bring Nuha to life. I want to take this time to show gratitude to the head and the heart of my brand. Thank you to my parents who gave me life then inspired a dream.

NUHA plans to take up space in this world, and shine our light the brightest when the world needs it. The climate crisis has gotten exponentially worse over the past decade, and NUHA is dedicated to changing that narrative for our future generations. Coming from a lineage of designers, and the textile industry, we have an inside look on what can be done better in fashion. Our collections strive to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint by creating clothes with longevity yet still look good. NUHA only sources premium and ethical fabrics such as linen, and cotton. Designed to last far longer than fast fashion, pieces that can be passed down rather than tossed into a landfill. Our pieces aspire to be long lived, and long loved.

NUHA is a brand driven by its passions in eco-conscious, and inclusive clothing. A big initiative we believe in is giving back. That is why a portion of all our proceeds will be put back into the global community. To us charities are a way to do our part and increase our influence towards action on climate change and global wellness. A movement, that prioritizes quality over quantity when it comes to fashion. Choose quality, choose NUHA.

Habiba Hameed,
Founder of NUHA